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Our goal is to create a space where students [in grades 6-12] prioritize their relationship with Christ, influence their friends, and experience personal ministry.




Youth Ministries Schedule

Summer Sunday Schedule:

  • Bible Studies @ 10:15a on 2nd/4th/5th Sundays [high school and middle school] during worship service
  • Sunday Evening Special Events (see summer schedule below)

School Year Sunday Schedule:

  • Bible Studies @ 10:15a on 2nd/4th Sundays [high school and middle school] during worship service
  • Evening Refuge Youth for middle school students, 5-6:15p
  • Café for middle & high school students (bring money to buy pizza, snacks, and drinks), 6:15-6:45p
  • Evening Refuge Youth for high school students, 6:45-8p

School Year Wednesday Schedule:

  • Small groups, we call the Grace Groups, for youth!
  • We meet from 6:30-7:30 at Grace
  • Separate lessons for – high school girls, high school guys, middle school girls, & middle school guys

NOTE: See our calendar for any special Sundays/changes to our schedule above

Upcoming Events

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Jul 14 • Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Jul 17 • Rainbow River

Jul 21 • Beach Day

Jul 22-26 • Mission Week

• Monday • TBD

• Tuesday • TBD

• Wednesday • TBD

• Thursday • Seeds of Hope • 3:30-7:30p (3 hrs of service)

• Friday • Ministry of Hope • 4:$5-7:15p (2 hrs of service)

Jul 28 • Tree Hoppers

Jul 31 • Paintball

Aug 4 • Mystery Trip

Aug 6 • Roller Skating (Special Tuesday Event)

Aug 9/10 • Lock-In

Aug 11 • Experiential Worship

Aug 18 • Parent's Night

Aug 21 • Small Groups Start Again

Aug 25 • Stand School Year Schedule

Sept 1 • NO SUNDAY PROGRAMS (AM or PM) • Labor Day Weekend