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Our goal is to create a space where students [in grades 6-12] prioritize their relationship with Christ, influence their friends, and experience personal ministry.




Regular Sunday Youth Ministries Schedule

Middle School Bible Study, Room A-5, 9:30-10:30a

High School Bible Study, Room C-1, 9:30-10:30a

Middle School Club, 5-6:15p

Cafe´, 6:15-6:45p

High School Club, 6:45-8p

Upcoming Events


Meet at Grace on Saturday, January 12th at 11a and return at 11p.

We'll provide lunch & transportation. You MUST bring $15 for entry. Bring extra money for souvenirs or additional food.

This is a concert with 10 Christian artists at Amalie Arena. Event details here:

Open to any middle & high school students.  Register HERE


Confirmation Classes

This is a series of classes to help our students (6th-12th) gain a basic understanding of the Christian faith, the United Methodist part in that, and the tools they'll need to navigate the rest of their life as a Christian.

Most classes are on Sunday afternoon. A full packet is available by clicking HERE (let this be a button for the PDF I attached to the e-mail)

You can also register by clicking REGISTER

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Rusch, 813-695-6938,

Relay for Life

Join our team to help us raise money for cancer research. This is open for ALL ages. Refuge is the lead, but we can use help in many areas. High school students can stay the night if they raise $100 each. All other can stay the night if a parent stays too.

Event is from noon on March 30th to 6am on March 31st.

Find the button below to join our team today!

We have many levels of volunteering you can help with. Every bit helps!

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Rusch, 813-695-6938,